D+H CONTEMPORARY AND DOLPHIN and HAWK was formed on the premise to cultivate the arts around the U.S. while preserving the environment. In the United States, a country with a huge diversity of endangered and rare species, we are involved in green projects and support the preservation of the environment through fundraising, art sales, art education, expositions and awareness..

Dolphins are known as the biggest friends to humans in the marine world. They are heroes, described in many stories of saving people that were drowning or had been attacked by sharks. They are intelligent and very easy to love. Many stories from Greek mythology describe dolphins as sacred animals.

Hawks are the messengers, independent and wise. Their incredible vision makes them superior and admirable. Many hawk totems are symbols for the power of observation, seeing from a higher perspective. They are focused and they achieve what they want. When you see these birds in the mountains, you know that you are living in a very beautiful, clean and nature oriented place.

We are big supporters of emerging artists. While conducting exhibits throughout the world we focus on discovering struggling artists. Undiscovered artists have a direct voice with our online gallery which reaches around the globe and our brick and mortar space in Los Angeles. The main difference between our approach and other galleries is that instead of making a living off of the fame of an established artist, we cultivate the careers of emerging and undiscovered talent. We go deep into the outskirts of numerous cities, the farming and desert lands of the U.S., to find the artists carving out their destinies and bring them to the forefront of the gleaming public eye. The U.S. has only a few REAL galleries in this vein. Most of what we see is art shops, artists-pay-for-hanging shops, art hanging in cafes, beach art, tourist art, print shops, art-profiteers and so on... There is rarely a gallery that seeks to find artists struggling and show them on their walls. Most galleries want "New York Art" or artists that already have a bloated cv. We want to revitalize local depressed art scenes. San Diego Arts and many U.S. cities has been on the down-slope as the art galleries in the city have been closing up shop because of high rents and the wrong marketing. Galleries that have been selling Picasso Lithographs/Serigraphs/Prints and so forth are closing for good, because people can buy the same art on the internet. The galleries are not concerned with artist cultivation, arts and culture revitalization.

Jim Kapsalis has been an Art Broker for over twenty years and also founded the Los Angeles Contemporary Art Space LMLA(Living Museum Los Angeles). With the D+H space, Co-Owner Tasha Zogo's plan was to combine the sale of art for the purpose of helping unknown artists get a chance at stardom, revitalize the dying arts of the city and to give back to environmental causes and local charities. We are looking for Post-Modern Artists, conceptual artists and artists that push the boundaries to go beyond the norm to start art movements.

J.Hinos started his own art movement called "Opposablism". The Opposablists are a group of artists that create art to give back to Environmental causes. J.Hinos uses recycled objects in his work and sites the idea for the name came from his lack of using brushes, instead he uses palm tree leaves and gravity for the processes of his art. Opposable art is the opposition to commercial art sales with a focus on saving the environment by giving back profit. Artist Alphonso Acosta frequents waste management depots to use 100% recycled paint and materials to create his masterpieces.

At D+H we also wanted to challenge the gallery system of only giving a chance to relatives and famous stars. Starving artists have to wait sometimes two years to show their work in prominent galleries. We take our cues from Gertrude Stein who fostered many artists and had the prescience to realize art trends many years before they happened. She and Leo, her brother, had their gatherings once a week usually on Saturdays, because it was when people usually stopped over... people like Picasso and Matisse. Art History unfolded at an accelerated rate as a result of the salons work, because people spread the word about art at an alarming rate, without any internet access. We have a planned Documentary to be made about "DH" that will be released in 2017. We have added another dimension to the culture and arts in the U.S. and the art landscape and we are proud to be onboard for its challenges.

As part of our involvement in nature preservation we are fundraising for environmental awareness. A percent from each transaction is linked to environmental charities for further advancement in the preservation of our planet. We also give back to local charity organizations in the hopes to help our immediate people in need.



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