DOLPHIN & HAWK : Call For Artists


Dolphin&Hawk Call For Artists is an opportunity for all artists around the world to exhibit at the best destination for art ; and D+H CONTEMPORARY in downtown Los Angeles, where art collectors and patrons of the arts flock daily.

If you are an artist please submit 2 photos with a bio and cv and please pay for the submission process fee($55) by calling 3 1 0 - 9 0 2 - 1 1 1 6 .

If the artist is selected to show their work with Dolphin and Hawk every artist is responsible for sending their work as well as paying for the return of their artwork. All pictures must be able to hang with either wires or frames in the case of photography or "works on paper".

An additional fee of $1550 for administration and representation plus $100 per month is required for all artists selected. These fees applies towards Artist press releases, logging the artist into our database, updating, physical handling of the work, receiving and unpacking boxes, curating the artist's work and any articles written about the artist.

Dolphin and Hawk will set the prices for the work based on current market value and prior artist proof of sales. D+H decides when the artist will be exhibited as well as the duration.

Please be aware that this opportunity may be closed in the future.

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